Welcome to Hare Connection RabbitryWelcome, to the Hare Connection Rabbitry!

My name is Jeannie Fisher. The Hare Connection Rabbitry is located on the fertile flatlands of beautiful southern Minnesota. The Hare Connection has been listed as a registered rabbitry since August of 2001. Rabbitry # T110. We also participate in the state feed lot registration program. And have all the papers to prove it. Over 95% of all breeding age rabbits in our rabbitry are registered. If a rabbit will not pass the ARBA standards it does not stay in my rabbitry. I have made very few exceptions to this rule. We started out, as so many do as 4-H projects. My oldest son raised Polish and my youngest raised Mini-Rex. They did quite well at our local fair. And we went to 2 sanctioned shows each year besides the local fair and the state fair once they were old enough. We raised rabbits for 7 years before I had anything to do with them. But, as the boys have grown and had less time to work with them they have became my project. And I have to say I do LOVE my bunnies! Mom has taken over the rabbitry things have changed much here in that regard. My first purchase was a pair of chinchilla Mini Rex in 1999. At my first ARBA nationals show, in October of 2002 I won BOV with one of my own chinchilla Sr. does. What a thrill! The next year I placed BOV with a Mini-Rex blue Sr. doe, and a Polish Chocolate Buck. The 3rd year at ARBA I placed Best Of Breed with my Blue Polish Sr. Doe. This was the 1st blue to ever place BOB at an ARBA show. And the fact that she was a doe made the win ever better. In July of 2005, we were honored with a visit from Ann Kaiser, from Country Woman magazine. Ann honored us with her presence for a few days and plans on presenting the Hare Connection in an upcoming magazine. What a privilege! I find that at the end of a long day there is something very heart warming in watching a batch of kits play. I have met some wonderful people by showing rabbits. And have had some very interesting adventures! I hope that you enjoy this little hop though my rabbitry. So hop on in, I would love to show will you around.

We belong to:

American Rabbit Breeders Association

Minnesota State Rabbit Breeders Association

Rochester Area Rabbit Club

National Mini Rex Rabbit Club

American Polish Rabbit Club

Upper Midwest Polish Club

Wisconsin Rabbit Breeders Association

Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Association